Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Medical Student FAQ...ehem2..

1. How many bones are there in an adult human body?

2. What is the name for weird cravings non-food items during pregnancy?

ANSWER: pica

3. What is the terminology of broken penis?

ANSWER: penile fracture

4. What is the common STD in the US?

ANSWER: Chlamydia

5. What STD is not a bacteria or virus?
ANSWER: Trichomonas

6. What medical disease did Abraham Lincoln have?

ANSWER: Marfan Syndrome

7. What side did u lay a patient who is about to go into SIMS position?

ANSWER: left side

LadyDiddy says: OWHH Facebook,please dont sue me..!!!haha


  1. Oh tidak.

    Gambar no 3 memang tak boleh blah. LOL

  2. oh yess..!!
    bersedia menghadapi realiti..hehe.. :f: